Wednesday, 14 May 2014

HMS Derwent

HMS Derwent firing a torpedo
"After inspection, I was taken forward to the crew's quarters in the narrow sleek bow and descended to the mess-deck, which accommodated about thirty men, the majority of whom were ‘old salts’.  I was informed, by my mess caterer that I must pull my weight, or else."  From  Smudge's Story p. 51.
At this time 100 years ago in 1914 Fred was in the North Sea aboard either Derwent or her sister ship, HMS Kale. Luckily for Fred, and for us, he left the ship before 1917...
"On 2 May 1917 HMS Derwent struck a contact mine laid by German submarine UC-26 off Le Havre, France. She sank two cables north of the Whistle Buoy with the loss of 58 officers and men."

 HMS Derwent

Ordered:                       1901 – 1902
Laid down:                    12 June 1902
Launched:                     14 February 1903
Commissioned:             June 1904
Fate: Mined,                 2 May 1917 
Class & type: Hawthorn Leslie Type River Class destroyer
Displacement:              550 t
625 t full load
Length:                          226 ft 6 in
Beam:                             23 ft 9 in
Draught:                        7 ft 9 in
Installed power:           7,000 shp
4 × Yarrow type water tube boilers
2 × vertical triple-expansion steam engines driving 2 shafts
Speed:                           25.5 kn
Range:                            140 tons coal
1,870 nmi at 11 kn
Complement:                70 officers and men
1 × QF 12-pounder 12 cwt Mark I, mounting P Mark I
3 × QF 12-pounder 8 cwt, mounting G Mark I (added in 1906)
5 × QF 6-pdr naval gun (removed in 1906)
2 × single tubes for 18-inch torpedoes 

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